Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Pedigree Database
A C's Brown Monk
A Ducks Worst Nightmare Bear
A Lil' Razmataz ***
WDX A's Frodo Samwise Gamdschie Eagle Eye
A's Shawnee Eagle-Eye
Aaron's Candy Girl
Aasen's Flash
Abba Dabba Doo
Abbas Saint Theresa
Abbie's Dinah
Abbie's Fargo
Abby II
Abby Of Spreckels
Abbygail Efford CD
Abbygale Breeze Of The Crane
Abe Lincoln
Abe Of Trent 2nd
Abear's Honey Bee
Abednego's Puddle Jumper
Abelmans Duchess Jodi
Abenaki's Justin Case
Abernaki Turk of Westwind
Abigail Brown Beaver
Abigail of The Chicken Hunter's Ma
Abilena's Aleutian Cocoa
Abilena's Aleutian Kodiak WCX
Abilena's Almond Bork
Abilena's Amboy Duke
Abilena's Bay Duke
Abilena's Brandy Duke
Abilena's Dark Rebel
CAN-CH Abilena's Diablo Rouge **
Abilena's Fair Isle Cocoa
Abilena's Ginger Snap
Abilena's Hi Style Bandit
Abilena's Li'l Deb
Abilena's Little Ripper
Abilena's Max Tutankhamen **
Abilena's Northshore Gypsy
Abilena's Thunderbolt
CH Able Seaman
Ablemans Duchess Jodi
Abraham Atom
Abraham McLean Ingram
Abraham Of Green Acres
Absaraka Grizz JH
Ac Beauregard
Acadia Artemisia Diver JH
Acadia's Bridger Walker JH
CH Acampo Grizzly's Star UD, SH, WD2626
Accolade For Angie
Accomack Bayside Dandy
Ace Gambler
Ace High
Ace Of Cocoa King
Ace Of Deadwood
Ace of Hearts
Ace's Ginger
Ace's High Tanner
Acer The Racer
Acklin Cocoa Princess
Acombs Dark Shadow
Acombs Miss Excaliburs
Acoustic Fighters' Ac Peppermint Patty
Acoustic Fighters' Acherons Arrival
Acoustic Fighters' Alien Attack
Acoustic Fighters' All About Madness
Acoustic Fighters' Alltime Favourite
German CH / Lux. CH Acoustic Fighters' Almost Heaven
Acoustic Fighters' Ancient Rite
Acoustic Fighters' Arriba
Acoustic Fighters' Art of Noise
Acoustic Fighters' Bad Speed Junkie
Acoustic Fighters' Beetlecrusher
Acoustic Fighters' Bittersweet Symphony
Acoustic Fighters' Brainstorm
Acoustic Fighters' Breezin' Kerriann
Acoustic Fighters' Caramba Kate
Acoustic Fighters' Charly Candothat
Acoustic Fighters' China Blue
Acoustic Fighters' Coconut Kiss
Acoustic Fighters' Coptic Tiger
Acoustic Fighters' Cosmic Touch
Acoustic Fighters' Crazy Shape of Life
Acoustic Fighters' Cree Indian
Acoustic Fighters' Crystal Crossed Ice
Acoustic Fighters' Dr Feelgood
Acreage's Alethia
AFC Actic Sunshine Sally
Adaduck Raging Brook MH WDX
CH Adaduck Unsinkable Molly Brown
Adaducks Annie Oakleys Return
CH Adaducks Morgans Easy Tymes
Adam's Classey Boy
CH Adam's Merrick's Uncle Gus
Adams Annabelle
Adams Pilot Of Fish Lake
Adamson's Budweiser ***
Adamson's Dora
Adamson's Sanka
Adanac Ching
Adey May's Aschinta
Adey May's Deer Meadow
NL/Lux. CH Adey May's Disappointment WW '01/'02
Adey May's Jake
Dt. Ch VDH, ArbeitsprAfung Adey May's Jill
Admiral Chester Peake
Admiral Chips
Am/Can CH Admiral Jonathan Peake
Admiral Of Cocoa King
Admiral Schley
Admired Beauty
Adoree Miss Brandy
Adrian's Alaskan Brandy
Adrian's Atom Bomb
Adrian's Brandy
Adrian's Butch
Adrian's Chief Of Lakeside
Adrian's Coke Of Lakeside
Adrian's Duchess II
Adrian's Duke Of Brandy
Adrian's Fanny
Adrian's Julie-Of-Lakeside
Adrian's King Buck
Adrian's King Of Lakeside
Adrian's Liz Of Lakeside
Adrian's Penney
Adrian's Rex Of Lakeside
Adrian's Rusty
Adrian's Sailor Of Lakeside
Adrian's Sam Of Lakeside
Adrian's Sandy
Adrian's Sandy II
Adrian's Sport
Adrian's Tammie
Adrian's Tena Of Lakeside
Adrian's Tiger Of Lakeside
Adrossan's Colnel Kobi
Advancer's Captain Tim
Advancer's Skipper Mike
Ady's Calamity Juno
Aenzels Dinda
CH Aero Lake's Ripple
Afg's Crazy Dayzee
Agassiz Shores Sparafucile
Agee's Crystal Sunshine WD
Aggie's Chocalate Fancy
CH Ah-Chew Bear
Ah-Nung Of Riverside
Ah-Nung Of Riverwood
Ahmed Abullah Ali Abdorubba
Ailli Gater Nelson
Airborne Tasha
Airline Adonis
Airline Advancer
Airline Betty
Airline Betty Anne
Airline Betty B
Airline Big Splash
Airline Bonnie Belle
Airline Canuck
Airline Donna's Sally
Airline Duchess Donna
Airline Dusky Drake
Airline Dusky Duke
Airline Firefly
Airline Gaiety Girl
Airline Gloria H
Am/Can CH Airline Golden Dawn
CAN-CH Airline Golden Eye
Airline Gwendolyn
Am/Can CH Airline Heart O' Gold
Airline Honey Girl
Am/Can CH Airline Jacqueline
Airline Joy O'Dawn
Airline Just Dawn
Airline Lady June
Airline Leading Lady
Airline Master Mariner
Airline Miss Buddy
Airline Modish Major
Airline My Chum
CH Airline Of Cocoa King
Airline Patricia
Airline Prima Donna
Airline Prince Hall
Airline Rob Boy
Airline Sea King
CAN-CH Airline Sir Bud **
Airline Skipper
Airline Smoky
Airline Stepping Stones
CH/CAN-CH Airline Theresa **
Airline Tip Top
Airline Torch Bearer
Airline Traveller
Airline Westway Chief
Airline Whiz Bang
Airport Kim
Airport Sir Cam
Aisa's Curly Moll
AJ's Andy
AJ's Karamel Kari
Ajax WD
Ajax of Hunting Creek
Ajay's Caroway Native Sailor
Akcomi's Kenai Pond Cutter
Aksala Beaverdam RN
Al Mollica's Baron Of Tuscany
Al's Chesbay Duchess
Al's Chesbay Teal
CH Al's Chesbay Wave WD
Al's Lady Zoe
Al-Lor's Corky
Al-Lor's Sir John
Alabama of Brush Creek Farms
Alabama of Thunder Ridge
Alabama Sunshine Superman ***
Alamo's Barra
Alamo's Canuck
Alamo's Cinderella Belle WD
Alamo's Cindy
Alamo's Duke
Alamo's Hot Chocolate
Alamo's Little Sioux ***
Alamo's Lollypop
FC Alamo's Lucias ***
Alamo's River City Sue WD
Alamo's Sesi
Alaskan Buckshot
Alaskan Lady WD
Albanys August Amber
Albanys Cap'n Yukon Ruddyduck
Albemarle Shore's Closephene
Albert's Sunny Apollo
Alberta Barney
Alberta Clipper' Bobbie
Alberta Clipper' Kit JH, WD2113
Alberta Drake
Alberta Duke
Albridens Rainy Daze
CH Albridens Sledge Hammer
Albuquerque's Maximillion
Aleutian Big Chief
Aleutian Blanche Tule
Aleutian Boise Meek's Kay
Aleutian Breaker
Aleutian Brown Ursa
Aleutian Brownbear Chieftian MH
Aleutian Brutus ***
Aleutian Bully Of Nordom
Aleutian Captain Koye WDX **
Aleutian Champagne Bibber
Aleutian Chopper **
Aleutian Cocoa
Aleutian Dawn ***
Aleutian Deanna
Aleutian Drakes Quest ***
Aleutian Duchess
Aleutian Duke **
Aleutian Fantasy
Aleutian Gale
Aleutian Gypsy
Aleutian Hector Bob
Aleutian Hershey
Aleutian Island Sailor
Aleutian Jericos Joshua
Aleutian Keeko **
Aleutian Kentucky Buckie
Aleutian Lady
Aleutian Lady Kokobear
Aleutian Mac
Aleutian Madam Of Wisconong
Aleutian Midnite Sunshine
AFC Aleutian Mike ***
Aleutian Nugget
Aleutian Polly Ann
CH Aleutian Ranger ***
Aleutian Rebel **
Aleutian Romel
Aleutian Storm Major
Aleutian Storm Trooper
Aleutian Sugar
Aleutian Sun Of Atchaflaya
CH Aleutian Sunshine Dancer CD, WDQ **
FC,AFC Aleutian Surf Breaker ***
Aleutian Tarnish
Aleutian Tye Breaker
Aleutian Water Bouy
Aleutian Water Buoy
Aleutian Water Chief
Aleutian Water Spray ***
Aleutian Water Strider WDX
Aleutian Wisconong Trace
Alev Tule Trck Browns Morgan CD
Alex's Lady Of Belvedere
Alexander Colbert Dudley's Jr
Alexander Roswell Of Neenah
Alexander The Great Ii
Alexanders Little Bear
Alexandra Roswell Of Neenah
Alfie Wit's End
Alfies Joy
Algoma Chum
Alhambra's Lady Sandra
Ali Of Saxon
CH Ali's Neptune Jesseka CD
CH Alibi Lonely Hunter
Alibi's Chance Worth Taken
CH Alizarn's Jumpin' Jack Flash
Alkarn's Duck Buster CD,WD
Alkarn's One Bullet
Alkarn's Sunshine Gal
Alkarn's Zip Of Chesapine
All American Annie
All American Branded Brandy
All American Cracklin Rosie WD
CH All American Creme De Cocoa WDX
All American Rocket
All American Rockin' Robin
All American Smokey The Bear CD
CH* All American Tule Buster
Allbery's Maudo Ginger
Allen's Lady Katharina Belle
Allen's Lady Ursala
Allen's Pond Barnacle
Allen's Pond Chessy
Allen's Pond Golden Sword
CH Allen's Pond Gooseberry
Allen's Pond Ms
Allen's Pond Sergeant
Allen's Pond Tern
Allen's Prince
Allen's Silver Belle
Allie Bear Bagley
Allison's Gunner Of Niagra
Allison's Sin
Allman's Chub
Allman's Daisy
Allman's Jiggs
Allokee's Mountain Magic CCDX
Allokee's Water Chief
Alluver Rayfield L'amour WD831
Almaden Dawn
Almij's Bandit
Almij's Bj's Dan
Almij's Bj's Donner
CCH Almij's Bj's Echo
Almij's Bj's Kara
Almij's Bj's Mandy
Almij's Bj's Pat
Almij's Bj's Rebel
Almij's Bj's Riper
Almij's Bj's Tara
Almij's Bj's Trixie
Almij's Brutus
Almij's Dark Krystal
Almij's Debwill Country Squire
Almij's Ginger
Almij's Golden Bullit
Almij's Hagar
Almij's Iron Maiden
Almij's Kahlua Of North Dorset
Almij's Miss Peggy
Almij's Rambo
CAN-CH* Almij's Redlion Peg
Almij's Redlions BJ Pat
Almij's Rusty
Almij's Squire Of Firstbrooke
Almij's Zacharian
CH* Alnwick Castle King CD,WD64,CAN-BR*
Alpine Abi
Alpine All Man
Alpine Baroness Bess
Alpine Bay Gunner
Alpine Bay Lady **
Alpine Bear
Alpine Betts
Alpine Big Buck
CH Alpine Big Butch ***FC
Alpine Big Butch Again
Alpine Big Duke
Alpine Big Ginger
Alpine Big Gus
Alpine Billie's Chips ***
CAN-CH Alpine Bonnie Chips CD
Alpine Brandy
Alpine Brandy numeric TBC
Alpine Brown Boots
Alpine Buster
Alpine Buttons
Alpine Cheetah
Alpine Chu
Alpine Chukker
Alpine Chukker Jr
Alpine Chukkers Sparky
Alpine Cocoa
Alpine Copper Penny
Alpine Curly
Alpine Curly Buttons
Alpine Decatur's Deacon
Alpine Drake
Alpine Dubbie
Alpine Duchess
Alpine Duke
Alpine Duke Of Sunny Acres
CH Alpine Dusky Rose
Alpine Fida
Alpine Gal
Alpine Gidget
Alpine Ginger Baby
Alpine Ginger Bread
Alpine Ginger Girl
Alpine Ginger Snap
Alpine Ginger Su Su
Alpine Golden Dusty
Alpine Golden Girl
Alpine Gunner
Alpine Gypsy
Alpine Hannahs Pick
Alpine Harbor King
Alpine High Boots
Alpine Jill
Alpine Joshua
Alpine Judy Pilot
Alpine Judy's Dinah
Alpine Judy's Punch
Alpine Judys Lady
Alpine Ka Mena
Alpine Ka-Wy
Alpine Kate
Alpine Lady Bug
Alpine Lassie
Alpine Mark
Alpine Marsh King
Alpine Matty ***
Alpine Meg
Alpine Miss Canvasback
Alpine Miss Green Wing
Alpine Mitzi Kate
Alpine Muskogee Sal
Alpine Of Duke
Alpine Of Wermerskirchen
Alpine Orphan Annie
Alpine Princess Cedarbrook
Alpine Punchy Too
Alpine Queen Bess
Alpine Radden's Chukker
Alpine Red Boots
Alpine Red Duchess
Alpine Red Jewel
Alpine Red Lassie
Alpine Redwood Buck
Alpine Sagacious Lady
Alpine Sarah La Rue
Alpine Sealy
CH Alpine Shadrack CD
CAN-CH Alpine Shadrock CD
Alpine Shady Lady
Alpine Sir Green Teal
Alpine Sir Ruffle
Alpine Sir Tuffie **
Alpine Sparky
Alpine Speck Coc
Alpine Star
Alpine Stinkey
Alpine Toy Magnum
Alpine Toy Princes
Alpine Turney Misty
Alpine Whodonit
Alpine Yogi
Alroes Tule Tartar
Alta Joe
Alta's Golden Emblem
Altapeake Blonde Babe
Altapeake Lady
Altapeake Paddy
Altapeake Patsy
Altapeake Queen
Altapeake Skipper
Altapeake Star
Altapeake's Gunner
Altapeake's Lassie
Altapeake's Mike of Bankhead
Altaview Brutus
Altaview Duke
Altaview Dutches
Altaview Laura
Altaview Patricia
Altaview Penny
Altaview Sally
Altaview Sergeant
Alveston's Four Aces
Alvin of Moose Creek
Am/Can CH Alwick Castle King
Alyaska's Sheba
Amanda Lyle Of Eightrupp
Amanda's Cabbage Patch
Amazing of The Chicken Hunter's Ma
Amber Bay Bombee
Amber II
Amber Lady
Amber Of Bloomfield
Amber Of Ruby Begonia
Amber Rose
Amber Stone
Amber Virginia
Amber Waves Of Minnesota
Amber's Beau Geste
Amber's Buffy
Amber's Cariboo Princess
Amber's Delta Dawn
Amber's Elsie
Amber's Saltenstall Of Cheslang
Amber's Teko
Amberglo Brantley Ridge Saly
Amberglo Cassio
Amberglo Kodiak Bear JH
Amberglo Kodiak's Shooter
Amberglo's Can You Dig It SH
Amberglo's Day Tripper
Amberglo's Legacy Of Chel-C
CH Amberjax Gracey Girl SH
CH Amberjax Gracy Girl SH
Amberjax Island Ike MH, WDQ ***
Amberjean Of Wildwoods
Amberstone's Buck
Ambre Du Mas De Mailys
Amego Charlie
America's Red Beauty
Amigo De Tu-Lip-Val
CH Amigo's Charlie of Costa Messa
Amoreena Our Lady
Amour Du Mas De Mailys
CH Amy's Cocoa Of Canton
Amy's Grizzly Bear
Amy's Priti Coco 'O Ladnlass CDX
Anabelle O'Grady Of Conroy
Anastasia Martine
Anastasia Of East Ridge
Anchew Bea
Anchorage's Vixen
Anchors Aweigh
Anchors Aweigh Penny
CH Anderson's Alpine Samson CD
Anderson's Angus Macghilleguirm
Anderson's Byng
Anderson's Chateau
Anderson's King Of Clearwater
Anderson's Only Buck
Anderson's Taffie Bay Bay
Andrew's Captain Nipper Teal
Andy Usher
Andy's Blue Bill Ben
Andy's Krista
Andy's pal
Andys Bama Bo
Angel Wyndham Whitefeather
Angel's Duke
Angela's Honey
Angelina Of Cocoa King
Angie Jaws Ii Winchester
Angle Of Sunny Acre
Anglewoods Virginia
Angus' Osmium Marsh Monster
Angus's Lil Brother Chelsea
Anitonette Kay Andrews
Anjamar's Amisk Peyak
Anjamar's Autumn Cocoa
Anjamar's Autumn Imp
Anjamar's Autumn Zip
Anjamar's Captain John
Anjamar's Cocoas Belle
Anjamar's Debutante
Anjamar's Duff
Anjamar's Dutchess
Anjamar's Eager Elf
Anjamar's Eugenia Brock
Anjamar's Goldy
Anjamar's Image of Ruff
Anjamar's Imperial Gunner
Anjamar's Innocent Skipper
Anjamar's Jan
Anjamar's Kelly Of Elgin
Anjamar's Kismit of Elgin
Anjamar's Kooky of Elgin
Anjamar's L'il Pacahontus
Anjamar's Lady Erin
Anjamar's Lady Sharon
Anjamar's Lady Tasha
Anjamar's Meg Of Elgin
Anjamar's Nicole
Anjamar's Nifty
Anjamar's Nipper of Hilray
Anjamar's Non Pareil
Anjamar's Northern Nedrow
Anjamar's Rachel
Anjamar's Rattle of Marpeth
Anjamar's Rattler Of Morpeth
Anjamar's Rip
Anjamar's Roseangella
Anjamar's Ruff
Anjamar's Ruff Of Elgin
Anjamar's Saucy Imp
Anjamar's Shelly
Anjamar's Tab
Anjamar's Tawny Image
Anjamar's Teal Of Elgin
Anjamar's Texa Gunner
Anjamar's Tiffany Gold
Anjamar's Toma Of Elgin
Anjamar's Trish Of Morpeth
Anjamar's Turk Of Elgin
Anjamar's Watchfull Tawny
Anjamar's Winsome Winnie
Anjamar's Winston
Anjamar's Wonder Lad
Anjamar's Yellowbird O'morpeth
Ann Charlotte
Ann Of New Bayou
Ann's Coco Canton
Anna Belle Osgood
Anna Mae Compton
Anna'a October of Burning
Annabelle Of Lakeside
Annabelle Of Windy Knoll
Annandale Flipper
Annapolis Of Roswell
Annawon's Magnum Surf Scooter
Anne's October Of Burning Tree
Annette Of Lake Como
Annie Best
Annie Get Your Gun II
Annie II
Annie Mckim
Annie Oaklee
Annie's Coco Lady
Annie's Dynamite Flight JH
Annie's Queen Of Chadwick
Annie's Sagebrush Susie
Annies Red Autumn
Anniversary Brandy
Anns Agy
Anserfen Airline Buck
Answer To Gun Fire
Antons Nicky
Antrim's Professor's Folly
Anubis Double Oh Seven
CH Anubis Fools Gold Of Cur-San
Anubis Foxisland Sanantonio
Anubis It's All About Me
Anubis Master Chief
HR CH Anubis Treasured Bettis MH
CH Anubis Treasured Tanzanite
Aok-Ridge Abby
Apache Devil
Apache Fog
Apache Rebel
Apache Rocky
CH Apache Tequila Surprise WD286
Apache Tough Bear CD
CH* Apache Tulewacker CD,WD56
CH Apache's Tequila Surprise
Apache's Thunderchief CD
CH Apache's Tulewacker
Apaches Tater Chip
Apollo Queen
Applegate Elanor
Applegate Honey Bear
Appleman's Buffalo Lady
Appleport Agnes
Applerun's Brandy
CH Appollo's Gogley Racin Jason
Appoquinimink Creek Chris
Appoquinimink Creek Lotti
Appoquinimink Creek Nordais
April May
CH Aptobe Chelsea's Molly Brown
Aptobe's Bredan Of Snowcree
Aptobe's Chelsea Morning CD
Aqua Belle Of Sunpoke
Aqua Chessi
Aqua Gal
Aqua Gertie
Aqua Lady
Aqua Rex
NORDV-94 NUCH Aquamanda
Aquamanda's Dixieland
Aragan Potawatome
Arash Libami
Arbogast's Hunters Holly
Archer's Brown Of Deerbay
Arctic Gale ***
AFC Arctic Sunshine Sally ***
Ard-L Big Jake
Ard-L Cleoptra
CH Ard-L Clipper
Ard-L Clipper Sultan
Ard-L Dee Too
Ard-L Dutchaman
Ard-L Eli Jumpin J Nettie May
Ard-L Eli Of Sunshine Elijah
Ard-L Gypsy Clipper's Lady
Ard-L J J
Ard-L Kobi King
CH Ard-L Kodiak Peanut
CH Ard-L Lucy Lue
Ard-L Maggie
CH Ard-L Mighty Mike CD
Ard-L Old Yellow
Ard-L Omie Wise
Ard-L Peppermint Patty
Ard-L Sassy
Ard-L Snoppy Lue
Ard-L Surf Buster
Ard-L Susie Of Thor
Ard-L Water Bob
Ardee Bell
Ardee Belle
Arden's Gift
CH Ardvreck's Baron Sandy
Ardvreck's Josephine
Ardvreck's Lord Chess
Ardvreck's Smiley Of The Cliff
Ardvreck's Trapper
Ardvreck's Wee Bain Sal
Argus' Fool's Gold CD
CH Aridawn's Just Kristie
Aridawn's Just Mallory
CH Aridawns Kinshi Kate
SR Aridawns Point of Light WD-JH
CH Aridawns Pond Hollow Sahara
Arlingfire's Big Sam
Arlingfire's Golden Jane
Arlingfire's Jessie
Arlingfire's Jill
Arlingfire's Joy
Arlingfire's Major
Arlingfire's Persuader
CH Arlingfire's Rik
CH Arlingfire's Rip CD
Arlingfire's Timber
Arlington Susie Jo
Armani Ahuntin Wildwood Drake
Armdale Sandy
Arnac Bay Beck of Penrose
Arnac Bay Endurance
Arnac Bay Enigma Of Chesabay
Arnac Bay Gypsy
Arnac Bay Jasper
Arnac Bay Jetsam
Arnac Bay Jibsail
Arnac Bay Kennebec at Segantii
Arnac Bay Kersaint
CH Arnac Bay Maddox
Arnac Bay Pride WD
Arnac Bay Providence
Arnac Bay Spokane
SU(U)CH Arnac Bay Sussex Dc WD
Arnac Bay Sway At Stormbay QC
Arnac Bay Undaunted With Jessamy Joy
Arnac Bay Volta At Devonshot
Arnac Bay Wager
Arnac Bay Wessex With Devonshot
Arnac Bay Westwind
Arnac Bay Winota
Arnold's Cocoa Brown Dandy
Arnzel's Northern Hunter
Arnzels Bit of Goldenrod
Arr-Bee Barney
Arr-Bee Bill's Baron
Arr-Bee Bogus
Arr-Bee Brandy
Arr-Bee Brown Belle
Arr-Bee Browny's Paddy
Arr-Bee Chesher's Duke
Arr-Bee Cindy
Arr-Bee Daisy Mae
Arr-Bee Dale's Chessy
Arr-Bee Duke
Arr-Bee Duke Of Parkview
Arr-Bee Duke of Seven
Arr-Bee Ed's Tippie
Arr-Bee General Ike
Arr-Bee Golden Star
Arr-Bee MacDuke
Arr-Bee Prince Of Meadowbrook
Arr-Bee Queen Of Glenview
Arr-Bee Super Queenie
Arr-Bee Swampy
Arr-Bee Teddy
Arr-Bee Thunder
Arr-Bee Tommy's Brown Pal
Arr-Bee Whistling Sam
Arrow A Butte
Arrow A Rocky
Arrow A Sparky
Arrow A Tammy
Arrow Of K D's Archer
CH Arrows Desert Drifter
CH Arrows Tali-Z-Man JH WD
CH Arrowsic Tug O Pink Granite
Art's Bubbling Over
Arts General Jaxson
Arunzels Dinna
Ash of The Chicken Hunter's Ma
Asharoken Sailor Of Logeros
CH Ashby Of Shorewaters Bussy CD, JH
BIS CH* Ashby's Chocolate Chip
Ashby's Chocolate P
Ashby's Chocolate Sundae
CH Ashby's Decoy CD,WD48
Ashby's Dynamite
CH Ashby's High Tide
CH Ashby's Little Strike
Ashby's Wings II
Ashes To Ashes
CH Ashlea Of Patuxent Shores CD
Ashley's Cork Tip
Ashley's Nappy Peanut
Ashley's Ninth St Chief Koby
Aslan Na Lochaber
Aspen Of The Kaibab Plateau
Assateague Storm Surf
Assia Eagle Eye
Assiniboine Chief Of Agassiz
Atchafalaya's Cajun Sam
Athens Amber Honey
Athens Jessica Lady
Athens Theodore Bruin
FC,AFC Atom Bob ***
Atom Bob's Ace
Atom Bob's Cocoa
Atom Bob's Kodiak WDX6 ***
Atom Bob's Lady
Atom Bob's Ranger
Atom Bob's Rusty
Atom Bob's Tina
Atom Bobbie Tok
Atom Bomb B J
Atom Goldie
Atom Kodiak's Miss Kodi
Atom Major Chippewa Pete
Atom Riptide **
Atom Sam
Atom Yukon Rox
Atom's Flash
Atom's Lady Sioux
Atomalina Misty
Atomalina Myrtle
Atoshatu Of The Athabaskans
Atta Girl Gypsy ***
Atticus Ike of Wimberley Valley Tx
Atwater Belle
Atwater Bird
Au Train's Bay Bumper
Au Trains Bay Pomper
Aubrae's Sand Turk ***
Auburn Ace
Auburn Aggie Spencer
Aucreek Delbay Cocoa
Aucreek Taffy
Augustus Anthony Crispus
Augustus McHee Of Kent
Augustus Mosegarde Dillon
Aura Sirius Pro
Aurelia's Race Rock Bull
Auroras Cocoa Whiezer
Aurorean Tess
Austin Cheevious Girl
Austin Of Reindeer Lode
Autum Lomac's Brandy
Autumn Acres Astronaut
Autumn Acres Cinnamon Cindy
Autumn Acres Dutchess
Autumn Creek's Dakota Joph WD523
Autumn Creek's Kayan Widgeon
Autumn Cub Cocoa
Autumn Gold O Hickory Knoll
Autumn Harvest Annie CWCI
Autumn Lo Mac's Brandy **
Autumn Mist UD,WD148
Autumn Plains Jessie
Autumn Rust
Autumn Splendor's Barny
Autumn Splendor's Curly
Autumn Splendor's Molly
Autumn Splendor's Sadie WD316
Autumn Splendor's Stormy
Autumn Splendor's Summer Gale
Autumn Splendor's Surfs Mac
CAN-CH Autumn Splendor's Tammy CCD
Autumn Splendor's Tiny Babe
Autumn Splendor's Wiskey Surf
Autumn Splendor's Zoot
Autumn Wind
Autumn Winds Of Pond Hollow CD
Autumn Wings Fly
Autumn's Avian Tyke
Autumn's Cassandra Royale
Autumn's Charlie Brown **
Autumn's Chust Chessie WD387
Autumn's Dallas Express
Autumn's Dandy Lion WDX47
Autumn's Eye Of The Storm JH
Autumn's Jesse
Autumn's Jessie
CH Autumn's Lady Of The Lake
Autumn's Little River Pete
Autumn's Sunshine Lechuguila WDX158
Autumn's Timberline Clyde
Aux Arcs Problem Child Brin
Av KomsalO Choctawhatchee
Av KomsalO Frideborg
CH Avatar Crackshot Annieoakley
Awesome Owyhee Sunset
Ayerwood's Crimson Of Calusa
CH Ayerwood's Fith Season
CH Ayerwood's Inside Corner
Ayerwood's Lady Imp CDX,TD
Ayerwood's Little Miss Marker
Ayerwood's Murray Murdock
Ayerwood's Sweet Surprise
Aymie of The Chicken Hunter's Ma
Ayrton Du Mas De Maylis
Azbar's Nutmeg