Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Pedigree Database
F And J's Sassandra
F B Cori
Faber's Brin
Faber's Dusty
Faber's Kay
Faber's Luckey Lou
CH Faber's Mary
Faber's Pat
Faber's Patty
Faber's Sandanna
Faber's Water King Bing
Faber's Water King Bob
Faber's Water King Buck
Faber's Water King Buddy
Fair Chase Baytownsbunky
Fair Chase Cohansey Tempest
CH Fair Chase Deepwater Diver CD
CH Fair Chase Run The Rapids
CH Fair Chase Silver Lake Lady
Fair Chase Triton
Fair Lady Jed
Fair Lady Pride
Fair Prospect Lucky
Fairchase Baytowns Bunky CD
Fairchase Buster C Duck
CH Fairchase Manasquan Marsha
CH Fairchase Stormin Norman
Fairchase Suzette Crossfire
CH Fairchase Swan Bay Scoter
Fairchase's California Girl
Faircroft Duchess
Fairman's Billikeu
Fairmont's Patsy
Falcon's Candy Cane
Falconer's Tom Dooley
Fall Flight Fowlnatic
Fallen Branch's Dixie
Falls Of Gunpowder
Famous Amos Of The North
Fan C P
Fancey Lady Brandy
Fancy Cherokee Hunter
Fancy Comeback
Fancy Fetchmore JH
Fancy's Bojake's Twister Brown
Fanny 2nd
COTCH Fanny De Trois Rivieres
Fanny Pride
Fanny Spoons
Fantastic Crow River Jupiter
Fantastic Fritz
Fantastic Luke
CH/Can. CH Farallon Future Shock WD CD
Farhow's Chesapeake
Farley Vale's Pearl
Farnham's Queen
Farragut Bay Tootsie
Farrell's Grady
Fascinating Baroness
Fast Eddie
Faurot Briergate Brigger
Favorite Hope
Fawn L Marie
Fawn Of Cocoa King
Fawn's Teddy Bear
Fawn's Thunder Bolt
Fawvers April Showers
Fearless Guy Of Jj
CH Feather Haven's Irish Diva MH
CH Feather Haven's Tides of Serenity MH, CD, TDI, CGC
Feather River Babe Of Ard'l **
Feather River Honey Of Ard L
Featherhaven's Featherholic SH
Featherhaven's Princess Niamh
Fedora Of Tricrown
CH Feighners Royal Lady Tarabel
CH* Felt's Chesty
Felt's Sir Walter
Fensom's Brownie
Fenton's Smokin Cbr
Ferg's Bingo
Fergie's Guillalta Cocoa
Fergie's Happy Time
Fergies Happy Time MH, WDQ43
Ferguson Of Back Creek
Ferguson's Pretty Teal
Fergusons Bodacious Butler
Fern's Chicago Bear
Fern's Fawn Of Blue Ridge
Fern's Ginger Girl
Fern's Hercules Of Sand Mt
Fern's Miss Chocolate Chips
Fern's Miss Honey Bear
Fern's Thor Of Muddy Molly
Fern's Whitewaters Baby Girl
Ferncliff's First Lady
Ferny's Bingo
Ferny's Pride
Ferver's Chester
Festus of Ches Bay
Fetch Hunter
Fetchall Sylvia
Fetchin Gretchen
Fetchmayers Sandy Scotch
Fff Henrietta
Fidelis of Oakland
CAN-CH Fieri Facias
Fiesty Lady Of San Carlos
Fifer's Kalamalka Brownie
Fifth Avenue Flirt WD243
Fig's MT Red Hunter
Fighting Bob
Fina De Boida
Finesse WCX
Finger Lake's Baron
Finnius Fetch
Fire Chief Brownie
Firefly Of Burning Tree
Fireweed's Aleutian Amber
Fireweed's Aleutian Chief
Fireweed's Aleutian Honker
Fireweed's Aleutian Tiger
FC Fireweed's Aleutian Widgeon
Fireweed's Aleutian Woodie
Fireweed's Amazing Grace CWD83
Fireweed's Annie Fannie
Fireweed's Artesian Ruddy WD773
Fireweed's Baileys Irish Cream
Fireweed's Brandy Sue
Fireweed's Brusly Lou Easy Anna JH
Fireweed's Cheashar Badger SH
Fireweed's Cinnamon Teal
Fireweed's Courageous Duke
Fireweed's Dawn Breaker
Fireweed's Echo of Governor
Fireweed's Fat Chance SH
CH Fireweed's Highlander SH
Fireweed's Ice-N-Witch's Brew JH
Fireweed's Its Only Money
Dual CH Fireweed's Jasmine WDQ31 ***
Fireweed's Jolly Joker
Fireweed's Jumpin Ben JH
Fireweed's Keb Mo
Fireweed's Lady Lagoon
Fireweed's Liberty Bay Quail
Fireweed's Linda Harger's Lundy Dday
Fireweed's Maximillian
Fireweed's Miss Surf
Fireweed's Private Dancer
Fireweed's Quick Draw
Fireweed's Raz Ma Taz UD, JH
Fireweed's Redd
Fireweed's Remington Express
Fireweed's Rusty Nail CCD, CWCI
Fireweed's Sadie Lady
Fireweed's Shilo
Fireweed's Simon N Simon
Fireweed's Starstruck SH
Fireweed's Suits To A T JH
Fireweed's Tana Maniac JH
Fireweed's Tana Maniar
Fireweed's Tans
Fireweed's Tatanka SH
Fireweed's Ten Guage Tiko SH
Fireweed's Tule WD205
Fireweed's Tule Tu
CH Fireweed's Wildwood Dusky CD, WDX239
Fireweed's Yakutat Rough
Firewood's B P S Invector
First Cabin Duke
First Flight Gunner
First Flight Sassafras
First Fowls Pretty Penny
First Frost's Marsh Marigold
First Lady Of Roedown
First Mate Lake Como
First Rock From The Sun ***
CH Firstlight Diver Decoy
Firstlight Little Red
Fis Mack
Fisher's Admiral-Twig
Fisher's Ginger
Fisher's Sioux Princess
BIS, CH Fitzhugh's Bag The Limit CD, WDX359
Fitzhugh's December
Fitzhugh's Shorvue Shipweck
CH Fitzhugh's Trinity
Flagg Irle MH
Flambeau Marsh CD
Flambeau Midge
Flame Of Amber
Flash III
Flash Of Lightning
Flash Queen
Flash V
Flaspohler's Smokey
Flatland's Mega Blizzard
Flatlands Hallie's Comet MH
Flatlands Tiny Dancer
SHR Flatwater's 10 Gauge Magnum
HR Flatwater's Lick Creek Roz SH, CGC
Flatwater's Turkey Creek Magnum
Flatwaters Magnum Agustus JH
Flea's Diamond
Fleet Of Flat Hummock ***
Fletcher Of Bristol Bay CD
Fletchmeyers Sandy Scotch
Flett's Duchess
Flicker's Girl
CH Flintlock Of Tri-Crown
Flintoba Tiger 2nd
Flintoby Tiger 2Nd
Flintstones Miss Peach
Flip Of Blackjack Creek
Flippant Lady
Flite Of Deerwood
Flo Of Grove Creek
Flo's Belle Of The Wye
CH Floating Power
Floating Power II
Flood Tide Pete ***
Flora Bell Fly
Floro's Cissie
Floron Amethyst
Floron Kodiak Angel
Florrie Of Arenac
Flory Of Stoughton
CH Floss
Flossie J
Floyd Des Estacades
Floyd P. Hardrock WDX253
Floyd Valley Duchess
Floyd Valley Duke
Flyaway Diane
Flyer Bill Of Wis
CH Flying B Lakota Mesa
Flying B Sidekick
Flying Beauty Vom Walseder Bruch
Flying Chukker WD46
Flying Cloud
Flying D's Cappussino Freeze TD
Flying D's Hot Chocolate
CH Flying D's Jamoca Fudge UD, TDX, JH, NA, NAJ
Flying Dutchman
Flying Foxie Ginger
Flynne De Cap
Flynne Du Cap CCD
Flyway Diane
Flyway Red Zoey
Fo'castle Sam
Foehl's Majestic Princess
Foha Of Leadenham Creek
Foley's Zak Taylor
CH Foleyfields Algonquin Storm
CH Foleyfields Come Back Caly CH/CD/WCX/JR/SH---UKC/SEASOND
Foleyfields Redlion Come Back Caly
Foleyfields Redlion Critter
CH Foleyfields Redlion's I Digger SH
Foltz's Fancy Feather
Fon Juliet Of Shannon
Fonthill Maggie **
Fools Farm's Banana Joe
Fools Farm's Beacon Hills Little Buddha
Fools Farm's Big Dude
Fools Farm's Bonny Lass of Hardwood
Foremost Arden
Forest Hill Brandy
Forest Hill Cocoa
Forest Ranger
Forever Amber
Forren's Song
Forrest's Brownie
Forrest's Fountain Duke
Forrest's Kishwaukee Rip
Forrest's One Man
Forrest's Roxie
Forsty's Targee Joker
Fort Peck Butch
Fortune Lady
Fortymile Rusty Round House WD87
Foster's Fresa
Foster's Mitzi
Foster's Mountain Muffett
Fountain's Lady Beaver
Fountain's Pet
Fountain's Silver Run Sailor
Four Toes
Four-clan Buster
Can-CH Fourte's Dapper Duke Can-WC
Fowlweather Can
Fowlweather Dew Drop
Fox Harbor Lady
Fox Island Bettis's Tikki
Fox Island Canton's Joy
Fox Island Good Golly Ms Molly CGC
Fox Island Rio Grande's Bella Jubilee
Fox Island's Hawkeye
Fox Island's Little Betty Lou
Fox Ridges Buck
Fox's Flirt
Fox's Padilla Pintail
Foxcreek's Caroway Mtn Peake JH
Foxridge Ben's Maryland Gold
Foxridge Happy's Bear Track
Foxridge Happy's Chippewa
Foxridge Rusty
Foxridge's Aspen Gold
Foxridge's Bambi
Foxridge's Bon Temp Fille
Foxridge's Buck Ii
Foxridge's Cajun Kodiak
Foxridge's Canterberry
Foxridge's Cassey
Foxridge's Chessie Lu Kodiak
Foxridge's Chesterfield
Foxridge's Cheyenne
CH Foxridge's Chippewa Baby Doe
Foxridge's Chippewa Mist
Foxridge's Chippewa Sun WD770
Foxridge's Chippewa Torrie
Foxridge's Christy
CH Foxridge's Cinnabar WD992
Foxridge's Cinnamon Bear
Foxridge's Cinnamon Buff
Foxridge's Cinnamon Chip
Foxridge's Cinnamon Schnapps
Foxridge's Cinnamon Spice
Foxridge's Coco
Foxridge's Colorado Kate
Foxridge's Columbine
Foxridge's Deacon Bo
Foxridge's Desert Storm
Foxridge's Dillon
Foxridge's Ferina
Foxridge's Feya Of Denver
Foxridge's Frosty Bear
Foxridge's Grizzly Bear WD337
CH Foxridge's Happy Bear WDX137
CH Foxridge's Honey Bear
Foxridge's Ida Brigade WD989
Foxridge's Iron Butterfly
CH Foxridge's Iron Chip CD, WD988
Foxridge's Iron Ship
Foxridge's Island Ike
Foxridge's Jodie Mae
Foxridge's Katie Dadie
Foxridge's Kodiak Christy WD990
Foxridge's Kodiak Kate
Foxridge's Kodiak Pepper
Foxridge's Kodiak Yukon Lady
Foxridge's Kootenai
Foxridge's Lemon Ice
Foxridge's Lone Star
Foxridge's Maggie Haynes
Foxridge's Mandy
Foxridge's Maverick
Foxridge's Megan
Foxridge's Mocha Bear
Foxridge's Otis
Foxridge's Outlaw Jesse
CH Foxridge's Pat C Cinnamon
Foxridge's Ramblin Rose
Foxridge's Recloud
Foxridge's Red Feather WD632
Foxridge's Redcloud
Foxridge's Renegade WD986
AFC Foxridge's Riddley Walker
Foxridge's Rocky's Baron
Foxridge's Rusty Sage
Foxridge's Sami
Foxridge's Sark
Foxridge's Sasha Rose
Foxridge's Shogun
Foxridge's Sir Cody
CH Foxridge's Sir Winchester WD633
Foxridge's Sunshine Sky
Foxridge's Susie
Foxridge's Tabasco
Foxridge's Tara
Foxridge's Tawny Chug WD338
Foxridge's Tiege
Foxridge's Wild Strawberry
Foxridges Coco Hay Day
Foxridges Kachina
Foxridges Kodiak Rambo
Foxridges Kodiak Shadow
Foxrldge's Iron Butterfly
Foxrldge's Kodiak Pepper
CH Foxy Bob
Foxy Sally Rand
France's Ginger
Francies' Chinquapuss
Francis Nan Jo
Frank II
Franklyn's Gold Nugget
Fraser's Pal O
Frasers Bimbo
Frayer's Scugog Mallard
Frazer's General
Fred of Beartown WDX
Fred's Water Queen
Fred-Chief Of The Maesh
Frederica's Captain Gunner
Fredom Lee Sass Buckeye Tana
Fredrick Of Kingbard
Free Spirit's Windrunner
Free State's Judge
Freeman's Rebel
Freeon Kool Dog
Freeway Zipper **
CH Freezer's Quail Run T-K-O Punch **
French River Baroness
French River Duck Finder
French River King O The Marsh
French's Big Boy
French's Texas Tan
Friendly Coco Of Ladybird
Friendship Farms Gypsy Queen
Friendship Sweet
Friendships T Rex
Frink's Dana Dancer
Frisch's Hooch
Frisco Gypsy Lady
Frisk's Patsy
Fritz Little L Charles
Fritz Macdougal Of Norma
Fritzie's Mitzie
Frontier Lady II
Frosted Cold Duck
Frosty Bob Ben
Frosty Bobs Duke
CH Frosty Bobs Duke Of Targee
Frosty Hill Lunar Eclipse
Frosty Jock's Jill
Frosty Koda
Frosty Lady's Barney
Frosty Milady ***
Frosty Of Deerwood
Frosty's Atom Bob
Frosty's Bold Gypsy
Frosty's Cub Echo Tazz
Frosty's Fawn
Frosty's Ginger
Frosty's Pepsi Float
Fulminate Boy
CH, CAN-CH Funky Brownie Of Rapids
Furlan's Dyna
Fuzzy Sarah Bear
Fylde Sandy Man