Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Pedigree Database
L A Woman Hunts at Roads End
L P B's Caroway Kato
La Bonita Jolla
La Cocodrie Principale
La Duquesa
La Fayette's Daphne
La Gilane Of Wildwood
La Grizzly Bear
La Jazzbelle
La Nonne Belle
La Nonne Bonnie
La Nonne Laddie
La Nonne Peggy
La Nonne Queen
Labatt's Blue Bear T's Choice
Lablustrious I Love You
SU(U)CH Lablustrious Mc Laine
Lacey Of Kay Dee's Archer
Lacey Point
Lacey's Little Jackpot
Lacie Lake Como
Lackalee Beech
Lackalee Birch
Lackalee Walnut of Sharland
Lacombe Betty
Lacy Rays Of Sunshine
Lacy's Dick
Lacy's Prince Oscar
Lad Field Hunter's Gunner
Lad of Cumberland
Lad Of Twin Pikes
Ladd Marsh Lucille
Ladd Marsh Windbreaker
CH Ladd of Wanchese CD
Laddie Boy
Laddie Moses Messerly
Laddie's Ginger
Laddie's Red Boy
CH Laddie's Rowdy ***
Lade of Homewood
Lady (Carroll's Island)
CAN-CH Lady 2Nd
Lady Abygail Morning Star
Lady Accokeek
Lady Aisa
Lady Alexis Of Caroway
Lady Alissa Meghan
Lady Amber
Lady Amelia Of Florence WD331
Lady Andora Of Lakewood
Lady Anne
Lady Antoinette
Lady Atlantis Of Shasta
Lady Augustina of Chesire
Lady B Ginger
Lady Baar
Lady Baltimore
Lady Ban-Jo
Lady Barbara Pat Of Agassiz
Lady Baron Tiger
Lady Bay Bearly
Lady Beatrice II
Lady Beatrice Of Shilo
Lady Bedou Pocahontas
Lady Beegee
Lady Belle
Lady Belle Adonna
Lady Berteleda Neptune
Lady Bess
Lady Bird II
Lady Bird IV
Lady Bird Of Malcolm
Lady Bird of Pajejo
Lady Bird Purvis
Lady Bird V
Lady Bird XI
Lady Bird's Cocoa King
Lady Bleu
Lady Blondie
CAN-CH Lady Blossom
Lady Borchert Of Ludwig
Lady Botsa Of The Dead Grass
Lady Brador Of Bald Eagle Mt
Lady Brandy Of Paudash
Lady Bridget Mary
Lady Brown
Lady Bud Parker
Lady Buff III
Lady Buffington
Lady Bugs Moon
Lady Bunnie
Lady Bush Harford
CH Lady Cameron Of Casablanca
Lady Carmel Of Tall Pines
Lady Casandra Of Ridge Top
Lady Chelsea Of Foxridge
Lady Chelsea Of Lillycreek
Lady Chelsea Of Morro Hills
Lady Chelsie Of Chessam
Lady Chesa Of Sunningdale
Lady Chesapeake
Lady Chesapeake Of Caroway
Lady Chesea Krasne
Lady Chessie
Lady Chessie Of Faridast
Lady Chessie Of Winchester
Lady Chessie Second
Lady Chester Of Moreland
Lady Chesterfield CGC
Lady Chesy Of Cazar
Lady Chloe of Fishing Creek
Lady Choc-O-Ches Of Orchard
Lady Christie Mossbank
Lady Christine
Lady Cindarelle
Lady Cinnamon Of Lakeview
Lady Cleo
Lady Cocoa
Lady Cocoa Moe
Lady Cocoa Of Frank Slide
Lady Cocoa Of Hatteras
Lady Cocoa Of Houston
Lady Coinga
Lady Colorado Starr
Lady Copper Brandy
Lady Cosandra Of Cavendish
Lady Cynthia De Cocoa
Lady Dawn
Lady Dee
Lady Dellinger Of Cheswold
Lady Denver Of Chippewa Bay
Lady Dewey
Lady Di Of Chissel Run
Lady Diamond Jill
Lady Diana Of Lake Como
Lady Dianna Of Thompson
Lady Dignity
Lady Dormeda
Lady Dormeda II
Lady Edna
Lady Eleanor Of Neasham
Lady Elinor Of Dayton
Lady Ester
Lady Fair
Lady Fair II
Lady Fitzgerald
Lady Fleet Foot
Lady Fly
Lady Geraldine II
Lady Gina Of Pinewood
CH* Lady Ginger Of Hampton Court
Lady Ginger Of Mappsburg
Lady Ginger Of Marlboro
CH Lady Ginger Of Roedown
Lady Ginger's Ginger Ii
Lady Ginger's Sissie
Lady Granite
Lady Gretchen Of Elway
Lady Grunt Radermacher
Lady Gunner Of Maryland
Lady Gwenivere Of Camelot
Lady Henry
Lady Hiram Walker
Lady Isabel of The Piney Woods
Lady J Of The Wye
Lady Jane
Lady Jane II
Lady Jane Of Orr Lake
Lady Jesabelle Alicia's Pride
Lady Jessica Dee Of Newport
Lady Jessica IV
Lady Jessica Of Spiritbay
Lady Jessica of The Prairie
Lady Jessica Rebbecca
Lady Jet Stream
Lady Joan
Lady Johnson
Lady Judy Of Wooltop
Lady Kate CD,FM, CGC
Lady Kay
Lady Kay Of Hanover
Lady Kimba
Lady King
Lady Kippling Of Minot Corner
Lady Koko Of Kalama
Lady Ladner's Bess
Lady Laird
Lady Lark
Lady Lassie
Lady Le Blonde
CH Lady Lesette De Nemours CD
Lady Libs Darter Of Essex
Lady Lindbergh
Lady Lou III
Lady Lucinda
Lady Luck Xi
Lady Macbeth Of Wilksdale
Lady Mae Be Abenaki
Lady Mae Of Abenaki
Lady Maggie Of Estrella
Lady Magnum Browning MH
Lady Magnum Of Caroway
Lady Mandelaine Of Ki
CH Lady Mandy Spring's Darling
Lady Margo Of Mossbank
Lady Marsha
Lady Mattington
Lady Mcbeth Of Blair
Lady Mcmeg
Lady Merriman WD20
Lady Michigan Of Gray's Acre
Lady Miranda Chesapeake Bay
Lady Missy Anna
Lady Misty
Lady Molly Mocha
Lady Nell
Lady Nicole Uhey
Lady Nikkole
Lady Ocosta
Lady Of Arthelhurst
Lady Of Balmoral
Lady Of Bayport
Lady Of Cheslang
Lady Of Hy Hunt
Lady Of Jordan
Lady Of Kent
Lady Of Lacrosse
Lady of Lexington
Lady Of Longs Peak
Lady of My Hunt
Lady Of Northwoods Chelsea
Lady of Preston
Lady Of Queen Waters
Lady Of Rosa
Lady Of Sakonnet
Lady Of St Regis
Lady Of Tara
Lady Of The Conroy's
Lady Of The Hill's
Lady of The Lake 2nd
Lady Of The Sand Hills
Lady Of Tillamook Bay
Lady Of Tousaint
Lady Of Wa-Ban-See
Lady Of Wacca Wache
Lady Of Whatcom
Lady Pat
Lady Patricia Of Deltaire
Lady Patricia Of Flambeau
Lady Patricia Petrick
Lady Pauline Of Moose
Lady Pegasus
Lady Penelope
Lady Penelope Of Farnham
Lady Penny
Lady Petra Of Opasquai
Lady Phalen
Lady Pintail
Lady Porque Of Windown
Lady Ramsay
CH Lady Red Fire
Lady Renn
Lady Roland's Inca
Lady Rose
Lady Rowena Of Cocoa King **
Lady Rust
Lady Rusty Nipper
Lady Sadie
Lady Sadie Of Twickenham
Lady Samantha Of Bloody Pond
Lady Samantha Of Shady Birch
Lady Sandra Lyn Britton
Lady Sandy Of Shady Isle WD607
Lady Sassafras Of Wills Creek
Lady Sassafrass
Lady Scar
Lady Shadow Bay Sherwood
Lady Shamrock Of Winchester
Lady Sheba
Lady Sidney Brunet
Lady Sonya Kiser
Lady Star
Lady Star Lightgrass
Lady Sue II
Lady Sue III
Lady Sue Of Essex
Lady Summer Josey
Lady Sunshine Kate
Lady Susan
Lady Sweet Brandy Alexandria
Lady Taffy
Lady Tamera
Lady Tanya Of Strange
Lady Teak
Lady Tessa of Peake
Lady Tim
Lady Tina
Lady Tonette
Lady Tucker Of Scan-Moor
Lady Velvet
Lady Victorious Shagwong
Lady Walnut of Lakeview Park
Lady Winnie Of Potomac
Lady Zachariah
Lady Zephyr of Reno
Lady's Bayside Thor
Lady's Choice
Lady's Ginger Queen
Lady's Minnetonka Patricia
Lady's Radar Pashibob
Lady's Tiger
Lady's Tundra
Lady's Velvet Sue
Lady-Jack Of Dead Grass
Ladys Little Couter Cher CD, WD606
Laidlaw Sprig
Laidlaw's Skeet
Lake Andes Lassie
Lake Breeze's Crossfire Kid
Lake Camo's Tidewater Queen
Lake Como Alberta
Lake Como Alfreda
Lake Como Aqua Allegro
Lake Como Beaver
Lake Como Delta King
Lake Como Delta Queen
Lake Como Drake
Lake Como Duke
Lake Como Grebby
Lake Como Laddie
Lake Como Mary
Lake Como Monarch
Lake Como Peggy Barrister
Lake Como Sally
Lake Como Sammy
Lake Como Sandy
Lake Como Sea Scout
CH Lake Como Sprig
Lake Como Stewardess
Lake Como Stormy
Lake Como Trump
Lake Como Tule Wren
Lake Como's Beckwood Rocket
Lake Como's Broadbill Bams
Lake Como's Delaware Doll
CH Lake Como's Donald Jay
Lake Como's Drake Diver
Lake Como's Magee
Lake Como's Marsh Mistress
Lake Como's Reed Runner
Lake Como's Teal
Lake Como's Tidewater Queen
Lake Como's Trade Wind
Lake Como's Water Master
Lake Delavan Bob
Lake Delavan Doc
Lake Delavan Dolly
Lake Delavan Lassie
Lake Delavan Princess
Lake Erie Boy
Lake Francis Marine
Lake George Pet
Lake George Smiley Of Pride
Lake George's Mantan
Lake George's Taba
Lake Isle Mitzie 2nd
Lake Isle Omar
Lake Kennisis Maggie
Lake Lady **
Lake Minnewaskas Buckingham WDQ113
Lake Princess
Lake Roland's Inca
Lake Shore Brownie
Lake Shore Goldie
Lake Z Vlcich Luk
Lakebreeze's Caddyshack JH
Lakebreeze's Ginger Ale
Lakebreeze's Lazy Sadie
Lakebreeze's Megaton Molly
Laker Baron
Lakes' Portage Cinnamon Bear
Lakes' Portage Mickey
Lakeshore First Lite Rocket Jane
Lakeshore's Stoney Sovenir-T
Lakeshores Crow River Agnes
Lakeshores Deepwater Napa
Lakeshores Swamp Fox IV
Lakeside Beacon Of Caroway
Lakeside Bob
Lakeside Duffy
Lakeside Gipsy Girl
Lakeside Queen
Lakesside Rex
Lakeview Happy Huntress
Lakota Sioux II MH
Lamoreaux's Michelle
Lampton's Cindy Lea
Lancelot's Brock
CH Lancer's Dry Run WDX78
Land's End Rocky Shore
Landend Anything Goes WDX258
Landers Chocolate Girl
Landreth's Peggy Jane
Landrun's Sage In Bloom By Caroway
CH Lands End Fitzhugh Clay
Lands End Hardwood Cheschobe
CH Lands End Holly Terror
Lands End Miss Daisy
CH Lands End Song of Lorelei
Lands End Velle Dogwood Hill
Lands End Virginia Magnolia
Lane's Turnpike Jessie MH
Langfod Belle Banks
Langford Belle Banks
CH Langford Chief
Langhie's Grizzly Zeke
Langstaff Gerry
Langstaff Ginger
Langstaff Jim
Langstaff Joe
Larado's Sweet Georgia Brown
Larry's Gabriel King
Larry's Jira
Larry's Own Chocolate Chip
Larrys Gabriel King
Larrys Jira
Lars of Nord Lake
Larson's Jolly Jake
Larson's Queen Goldy
Larvence Puma King
Las Baulinas Berteledas Java JH
Las Baulinas Caroways Tenaya
Las Baulinas Windy City Reba MH
Lascar Of Moy-Mell
Lasher Lad Of KoKo
Lass Of Elon ***
Lassie Of George Lake
Lassie Of Yukon
Lassie Shagwong
Lassie's Ace ***
Lassie's Stormy
Last Chance Fancy
Last Chance Lady
Last Chance Trigger
Lateshift Demerara
Lateshift Moonscape at Bainesfolly
Laura's Mallard Magic
Lauraine Of Cocoa King
Laurentian Bing
Laurie's Finder
Lava Bears Heidi
Lawyer's Pride
Lawyers Wetland Game Dogue
Layton's Brandy Boy
Layton's Stormy Girl
Lazy Daisy Of Southview **
CH Lazy H's King Of Cub
Lazy H's Queen Of Cub
Le Tigre De Chachalaca
Leach-Bluebill Hunter
Leader Rocks
CH / Swiss Champion Leading Lady At Bainesfolly
Leading Lady Jessie
Leaper's Nickie Of Opasquai
Lebanon Redneck's Jake
Leclere's Cocoa Jo
Leclere's Get Down And Dirty Diesel
Leclere's Major D
Leclere's Mississippi Misty SH
Leclere's Rosie
Leclere's Winston Joe
Lecona's Bubbling Brew
Lecona's Little Camas
Lecona's Rough Ridin' Cowboy MH
Leconas Aleutian Sunshine
Ledgehill Farm's Tara
Lee's Big Brute
Lee's Duke
Lee's Echo
Lee's Elk
CH, CAN-BR-AM* Lee's Sir Apricot Brandy
Leelen Persimmon
Leelen Sequoia
Leger De Main
Legette's Tugboat Sheba
Lego's Sailor
CH Lehi's Shilo Trademark CD
Lehman's Hardfrost On The Cedars
Lehman's Harvestmoon Over Tripod
Lehman's Morning Flight Teal
Lehman's Sienna Sierra
Lehman's Steiger Meister
Lehman's Top Tucker
Lehman's Turbo Dozer
Lehman's Whitewater Keeno
Lehman's Yellow Knife Tanner
Lehman's Yellowknife Tanner
Lehmann's Harvest Moon Over Tripod
Lem Spencer
Lena Des Verts Monts
Lena M
Lena Of Meadowrue
Lena of Nord Lake
Lena Of Seville
Lenze's Chief Caroway Maggie WDX525
Leona Lamb Of Narnia CD, WDX202
Leonard's C B
Leonard's Jill
Leonard's Teal
Leopard Sambo
Leser's Pride
Lester Bluteal
Lester's Pal
Let's Go Dutch
Letendre's Penny Of Ponpside
Levix Major Bing
Lewiston Lass
Lewiston Monet's Delphine
Lewiston Shazam
Lh's Molly Of Caroway MH, WDQ103
Li'l Cuba's Chester Molester
Liberty Bay Willapa Streaker
Liberty Bell
Lick Creek Mia Of Talisman
Lick Creek's Barkley
Lick Creek's Bayou Chunk
Lick Creek's Crimson Sundance
CH Lick Creek's East Wind WD577
CH Lick Creek's Golden Boy JH
Lick Creek's High Tide WDX116
Lick Creek's Howard The Duck
CH Lick Creek's Ian WD964
CH Lick Creek's Old Squaw
Lick Creek's Remarkable Rex
Lieb's Mississippi Blond Lady
CH Lieb's Mississippi River King
Liebchen Schones Madchen
Lieutenant Chesomona
Light'rd Knot Boyd
Lightning Wermerskirchen
Lightning's Oscar
Lightnings Oscar
Lijah's Woodriver Touche
Lil Ann Of Ditto Woods
Lil Miss
Lil Ranger
Lilla Valentine
Lillian of Marshall Meadows
Lillie Belle
Lilly Bud Parker
Lilly Creek Spring Lady CCD
Lily Leeann Bushee
Lily Rivers
Limefield Magnolia
CH*, CAN-CH* Limefield Mine Too CD
Limestone Creek's Sandy
Limestone Ruby Red
Lincoln Eric
Lincoln Of Reno
Lind's Choice Chessie SH
Lind's Northcreek Magnum MH
Linda Mar Belle
Linda Marie's Baby
Linda Of Cocoa King
Linda Of Greenwood
Linda's Gator
Linda's Miss Molly Of Jamoch
Linden's Comanche
Linden's Gale CD
CH Linden's Kara
Linden's Koko Royal
Linden's Timor CD
Linden's Tonkin
Linden's Tuppence
Lindy Boy
Lindy Lou
Lindy Lou II
Lindy's Lord Magnum
CH Linhill's Favorite Son JH
Linkwood's Orange N' Tina
Linlex's Chester
Linlex's Cocoa
Linlex's Dark Crystal
Linlex's Eider Oar
Linlex's Fender Bender
Linlex's Leaping Buddy
Linlex's Mada
Linlex's Rebel Rouser
Linlex's Victoria
Linnie Dare
Linorge's Duke
Linsmayer's Copper Penny II
Lisa's Applejack
Lisa's Candy
Lisa's Maggie
Lisa's Miss Williamette
CH Lisa's Tonka
Litchfield Belle
Little Bay Belle
Little Beaver's Big Gun
Little Bitowabash
Little Blue Gypsy Lulu
Little Brown Cocoa
Little Brown Koko
Little Caesars Grizzly Bear
Little Chestnut Moon
Little Chop Pepper
CH Little Choptank
Little Choptank Ii
Little Drake ***
Little Duke Of Grove Creek
Little Fawn Of The Tules
Little Feather
Little Fiddler
Little Gunpowder
Little Hoss of Snowy Range
Little Korky
Little Lady Lillian
Little Lady Of Atlee
Little Lady Of Essex
Little Lori's Tapper
Little Lukes Bronson
Little Miss Chelsea Brown
Little Miss Marker
Little Miss Muffet
Little Miss Muffet Ii
Little Miss Muppet
Little Miss Sooner
Little Pam
Little Pooh Of Burning Tree WDX60 ***
Little Rippey
Little River Annie Come Lately WD315
Little River Northern Peik
Little River Northern Pike
Little River's Capitulation WD548
Little River's Moonshadow
Little Rusty Oleson
Little Sheba II
Little Sioux Of Barrington
CH Little Sir Echo
Little Souix Ben
Little Tacker
Little Terra
Little Timber
Little Timber II
Little Willie Jamoch
Little Willie Of Jamoch
Little's Lady Bo
Little's Rita Of Humboldt
Livermore's Red Baron
Liverpool That'lldo Jupiter CH
Liza's Girl Lady
Lj Ace In The Hole
LJ's Just Jill
Lj's Stonefield Foxy Lady
Lk Pend Oreille's Irish Cream
Ll's Royal Prince Chester
Lobo L
Lobo Of The North
Loch Ridge Jigger
Loch's Last Chance
CH Lochaber's Makin' Waves
Locust Valley Yvonne
Loden's Juliet Waterdancer
Lodi's Colfaxamillion
Logan Brooke McLaughlin UD, TD, SH
Logan's Grizzly Renegade
Logan's Sunshine Kidd
Logel's Brown Sue
Loki Vand
Lolly Pop Kempner
Loly Pop
CH Loma Prieta's Jewel of Bearcreek CGC
Lomas Brown Bear
Lombard's Spook
Lombards Spook
Lone Falcon ***
Lone Lake Sandy **
Lone Star Of Cocoa King
Lonesome Boise Rebel
Lonesome Ike
Long Ponds Guarantee Return
Long Springs Fancy Anne
Long Tall Lady
Longcove Makoma Susquenock
CH Longcove's Autumn Haze CDX, WD68
CH Longcove's Chipper
CH* Longcove's Golden Gemini CD
CH Longcove's Pine Baron UD, WD734
Longcove's Snow Goose CDX
CH Longcove's Spring Serenade CD, WD323
Longcove's The Lone Ranger CD
CH Longcove's Wicked Wicket
Longcoves Golden Thatch
Longcoves Pink Champagne
Longmeadow Appalachia JH
CH Longmeadow Bull Run
Longmeadow High Tide JH
Longmeadow Joins Teamcheslab
HRCH Longmeadow Kaut's Dutch HRCH
Longmeadow Meets Teamcheslab DKCH(+J) SECH DEVDHCH EUV03 DECH INTCH
Longmeadow North X N W
Longmeadow Rose Bay Cricket JH
Longmeadow's Danish Sandstorm
Longmeadow's Daredevil Dancer
CH Longmeadow's Simtustus-De Cocoa
Longmeadow's Towerview Melody
Longview's Duchess Williamson
HR Longview's Tugg's Little Brother
Longvue Boy
Lonnie's Cub Dawg
Look Des Hauts De La Salle
Lor-Mac Randy
Lord Augustus Of Winchester
Lord Baltimore
Lord Blakley
Lord Buck Baybridge
Lord Calvert
Lord Chesterfield
Lord Chesterfield Of Shilo
Lord Cocomo Of Park Lane
Lord Corbyn Of Chesterfield
Lord Dave Slothenger
Lord Des Hauts De La Salle
Lord Gay Boy
CH Lord Henley Of Claymont
Lord Jason Bolt Of Tundra
Lord Jeffrey Amherst Of Lmr
Lord Peter's Princess Pat
Lord Rangel Of The South
Lord Riser Of Rockyview ***
Lord Russel WDX89
Lord Samuel K Loverboy
Lord Swampy Of Atlee
Lord Tigger Of Chippewa
Lord Tzar of Les Bois
Lori's Buford of Gal Bay
Losco Huntress
Ch. Lottawattah Chisholm Trail WD
Lottawattah Keetoowah Girl
CH * Lottawattah Oklahoma Redman
Ch. Lottawattah Seminole Wind
Lottawattah Windsong Sadie
CH Lottawattahs's Action Jackson
Lottie (Carroll's Island) 1889
Lou (Carroll's Island) 1888
Lou Ann
Lou Anns Misty
Lou Beaver
Lou's Brown Bear
Louise Of Ruddy Duck
Lovely Rex
Low Boy Lucan
Lowenbrau Dark Special
Lower Alloway's Barkley
Lp Pretty Gal
Lt Col Oliver North
Lttle Blue Gypsy Lulu
Lu Lu Belle Barrister Sal
Lu Lu Belle Of Lake Como
Lucas Yama Kelly
Lucille B
Lucille Cullen Sidner
Lucinda Of Dewey
Luck's Golden Rex
Lucky Ace
Lucky Brutus King
Lucky Buck
Lucky Buck's Skylark
Lucky Cindy Of Grand Lake
Lucky Good Boy
Lucky III
Lucky Jon
Lucky Lady
Lucky Lady III
Lucky Lady Madison
Lucky Lady Of Lakeside
Lucky Levi
Lucky Lindbergh
Lucky May Scott
Lucky of Roar City
Lucky Penny
Lucky Queen
Lucky Skipper Spike
Lucky Susan Of Green Acres
Lucky Timba Dawn
Lucky's Golden Rex
Lucky-Star Chesapeake
Lucy Bo Bear CDX
Lucy De Moraga
Lucy Dear
Lucy Fur Lawless
Lucy IV
Lucy Of Woodedge
Ludwig The Red
Luke Of Chesarab
Luke The Duke
CH Luke's Maggie
Lum Freeman
Luna Edgewalker
Luna's Aleutian Echo
HR Luther Marsh Marty
Luther of Fabius Creek
Luther Of Fabuis Creek
Lyla Duchess Of Grout
Lyle's Heilig Geist Von Berg
Lyle's Last Chance
Lynda's Cocoa Drop
Lynn's Joy Bonzai
Lynn's Mocha M'lady WD920
Lynnwoods Gypsy
CH Lynnwoods Teaberry Tango CD,WD