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Southern Md's Inquisitive Mallard {Brown F} 2001/07/07 COI:4.0%
     Redlion's Big Business x Southern Md's Inquisitive Teal MH,WDQ,CGC,TDI
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Southern Md's Inquisitive Mallard
2001/07/07, Brown, Entire
OFA: CB-8756G25F-PI
CERF: CB-5947
Vacc: Yearly
Diet: Kibble / Pellets
COI: 4.0% [Show Info]
Redlion's Big Business
Light Brown
COI: 3.0% [Show Info]
Pond Hollow Punt Gunner
1989/06/10, Dark Brown
AKC: SF578523
OFA: 3355F
CERF: 1767/95-67
HS: Fair
COI: 7.3% [Show Info]
Pond Hollow Ketch
1987/04/27, Dark Brown, Entire
AKC: SE908973
Studbook: 11-89
OFA: 2765/24-F
CERF: 1112/89-24
HS: Fair
COI: 10.0% [Show Info]
Chester Brown IV
1985/10/01, Brown, Entire
AKC: SD109048
Studbook: 10-85
OFA: 51
CERF: 350/88-85*
COI: 5.4% [Show Info]
Pond Hollow Bubbling Brook
1984/06/03, Brown
AKC: SE037730
Studbook: 9-87
OFA: 2057/24-G
CERF: 690/91-83*
COI: 7.6% [Show Info]
Bayberry Pond Lady
CDX, JH, TD, WD812
1983/07/11, Light Brown
AKC: SD785179
Studbook: 1-86
OFA: 1956/30-G
CERF: 625/89-69*
COI: 2.9% [Show Info]
Bayberry Rip Van Winkle
HS: Good
COI: 16.2% [Show Info]
Donwen's Chesica Joy
CD, WD875
1977/01/15, Dark Deadgrass
AKC: SC141831
Studbook: 11-81
COI: 9.2% [Show Info]
Taraglen Buchshot's Revenge

AKC: cRQ456163
Studbook: 85
COI: 9.6% [Show Info]
Riverview Buckshot Express
1980/06/28, Brown
AKC: cHL210218
Studbook: 82
OFA: OVC 4125
COI: 3.5% [Show Info]
Fireweed's Aleutian Widgeon
1975/12/20, Brown
AKC: SB906876
Studbook: 8-78
OFA: 578
CERF: 229/85-113
COI: 3.2% [Show Info]
Mona's Schelly
1973/09/14, Dark Brown
AKC: 967012
Studbook: 12-76
OFA: OVC2156
COI: 0.9% [Show Info]
Carnarvon Glen Taffy
1982/09/01, Brown
AKC: PS335261
Studbook: 4-83
CERF: 1776/91-110
COI: 1.7% [Show Info]
Mossbank Model Chet
1978/03/04, Deadgrass
AKC: cFK64140
Studbook: 79-80
OFA: 0870T/25
COI: 15.0% [Show Info]
Bluteal's Widgeon's Pigeon
1980/12/07, Dark Brown
AKC: TMN01381
Studbook: 6-81
COI: 5.2% [Show Info]
Southern Md's Inquisitive Teal
1993/11/10-2001/09/08 , Light Deadgrass, Entire
AKC: SN11603901
Studbook: 4-95
OFA: OFA4904F31F-T
Vacc: Yearly
Diet: Kibble / Pellets
COI: 5.5% [Show Info]
Sir Caesar of Wild Goose Landing
1991/10/24, Light Deadgrass
AKC: SM93547006
Studbook: 2-94
COI: 5.8% [Show Info]
Zachary Chippewa Moore
1986/03/19, Deadgrass
AKC: SM37061201
Studbook: 05-92
COI: 10.1% [Show Info]
Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug
1983/10/17, Brown
AKC: SD902035
Studbook: 1-86
OFA: 1915/24-G
CERF: 688/95-142*
COI: 6.4% [Show Info]
Chestnut Hills Sandra Belle
1983/09/24, Sedge
AKC: SD964641
Studbook: 8-86
COI: 8.4% [Show Info]
Lady Chloe of Fishing Creek

COI: 0.0% [Show Info]

COI: 0.0% [Show Info]
Lady Winnie Of Potomac
1981/10/11, Brown
AKC: SD399025
Studbook: 8-86
COI: 4.6% [Show Info]
Cinnamon Teal VII
JH, WD2566
1991/11/02, Sedge
AKC: SM93579502
Studbook: 2-94
COI: 3.0% [Show Info]
Baysides Miss You Jake
1987/06/30, Dark Deadgrass, Entire
AKC: SF332557
COI: 5.0% [Show Info]
Ironwood's Stone E Cubs
WDX67 ***
1978/12/31, Brown
AKC: SC618168
Studbook: 9-81
OFA: 968G
CERF: 304/87-102
COI: 7.9% [Show Info]
Niagara's Cajun Sands
1985/05/01, Light Deadgrass
AKC: SE443603
Studbook: 12-87
COI: 6.1% [Show Info]
White Pine
1986/09/09, Deadgrass
AKC: SF228251
Studbook: 06-92
COI: 1.4% [Show Info]
Trigger Of Serendipity
1983/04/02, Light Deadgrass
AKC: SE686665
Studbook: 3-87
COI: 3.0% [Show Info]
Lands End Virginia Magnolia
1983/01/18, Dark Brown
AKC: SD739359
Studbook: 3-87
COI: 12.5% [Show Info]

Pedigree stats: 31 unique dogs out of 31 listed, from a possible maximum of 31 (0 dogs missing).