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Posted on January 22, 2008 at 02:08 PM in categories Website

I just finished adding a new Network-Attached Storage (NAS) file server with 4 Terabytes of disk to our local network. I've also moved all of our music, video, pictures, websites, documents, etc. onto the NAS, and I'm now fine-tuning the file and directory structure. You'll notice the number of pending submissions has been growing for the past week or two. Hopefully the integration of this new storage will be finished shortly, and we can once again import new submissions.

A little while ago, I started work on a breeder contact database. It's still in the works, and most of the back-end is done, but I have to figure out a good way for website users to connect breeders to dogs. While I'm pondering this problem, I'll probably finish some other features, like searching for breeders, displaying breeder contact information, and a form to change a breeder's contact info.

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