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If you have access to accurate pedigree information, you can help us complete the missing Sire and Dam information for some dogs. The following alphabetical list will produce search results for dogs with missing parents. You can use the Reverse Pedigree and Breedings pages, along with the Date-of-Birth and Studbook numbers, to make sure you have the correct dog before making changes. Some duplicate dog names exist! Breeders from the late 1800s / early 1900s didn't register their dogs very often, so duplicate names are very common. Some duplicates may also exist between the various registration agencies. We have dogs from around the world in our database -- registered with a dozen or more agencies -- some duplicate names are to be expected.

To make changes, click on the [Update] link bellow a dog's name, but please make sure you're modifying the correct dog, and the information you're entering is accurate.

If you have any problems or questions, .

ChessieDB Dogs with No Sire

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ChessieDB Dogs with No Dam

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ChessieDB Dogs with No Sire and No Dam

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Additional Resources

The Chesapeake RollCall can be a good source of information, but keep in mind that many of their entries contain errors - extra vigilance is required when using this site. The ChessieInfo database is another well maintained site with more accurate records, additional OFA/CERF numbers, Hip/Elbow scores, Eye results, etc.

To help compare the ChessieDB database records with those of the RollCall and ChessieInfo sites, we've developed some specialized search pages and features. The following search pages will display a dog's information, from the RollCall or ChessieInfo sites, side-by-side with the matching record from the ChessieDB database.

  1. RollCall Database Search with compare features.
  2. ChessieInfo Database Search with compare features.